More than 1,000 TMC3 installations worldwide


Orbital introduced the TMC3 wind turbine controller in 2013. Recently Orbital celebrated the production of TMC3 unit number 1,000. The fact that there are now more than 1.000 TMC3 installations worldwide proves that the controller adds significant value to low and medium sized wind turbines.

It is compatible with a wide range of wind turbine manufactures and commonly used for retrofitting wind turbines up 750 kW. A retrofit solution is an affordable alternative to control system repairs and second-hand control purchase. Upgrading turbines through a retrofit solution with the TMC3 is a great way to extend the operational life of the wind turbine.

Back in 2013 when we introduced the TMC3 we were confident that we had developed a high-quality controller to meet future requirements. Combined with our SCADA solution, OrbiSCADA, the TMC3 adds significant value to wind turbines. The demand has proved that the controller greatly improves the performance and stability of low and medium sized wind turbines. With the TMC3 being one of Orbitals core products, we are very pleased with more than 1,000 installations worldwide, says CEO Niels Hansen.

The TMC3 features a wide range of interfaces from analog and digital connections to more advanced data protocols as CANbus, Modbus-RTU/TCP. They can be used to connect a wide range of optional units such as Orbitals vibration sensor, inverter dump load controller or 3rd party components.

Linking the TMC3 to OrbiSCADA provides wind turbine manufactures, service providers and end-users with real-time data and control. That ensures the highest possible uptime and efficiency for the wind turbine. Orbital constantly develops new features to OrbiSCADA, so the users get new possibilities to monitor, analyze data and control the wind turbine.

Typical the TMC3 is configured with complementary products from Orbital. Such as, wind vane and anemometer, reference board for voltage and current conversion, OrbiSCADA modem and antenna, vibration analysis, yaw feedback, PT100s and RPM sensors.

Orbital TMC3