Retrofitting 13 Danwin turbines in the US


WES Engineering is a US-based company that has been active in the wind industry for the last 20 years. The long history in the wind industry and the experience of the current employees helped WES Engineering build a strong business and a network of sub-suppliers. The company began to do maintenance work 8 years ago, where the focus was MW turbines. Today the focus has evolved to also include medium-sized turbines.

In 2019 WES Engineering became involved in a project with 13 Danwin, 160 kW turbines. The aim was to either repower or refurbish the turbines, depending on what would be the optimal choice. WES Engineering researched different scenarios and solutions. Overall, the turbines were in good condition, so the choice was made to go for refurbishment. Both from a financial and sustainability perspective that made sense.

The turbines needed to get the controllers updated to get communication, so it was a must to source a control solution including a SCADA system for remote monitoring and control. WES Engineering began their search to find possible suppliers and the search led them to Europe, where they initiated a dialogue with possible suppliers. Orbital stood out with an all-in-one control solution consisting of the TMC-3 controller, accessories (wind vane, anemometer, etc.) and OrbiSCADA, at a reasonable cost.

Orbital’s solution also included the possibility to have a technician come over to assist with the installation process. WES Engineering decided to use that option to speed up the installation phase. Wes Slaymaker says:

“The support we received from Orbital commissioning engineer was instrumental in getting the turbines operational. They helped us adjust the parameters and get the first machine up and running. They also educated our employees on how to plan, execute, and document this kind of refurbishment work. Clearly, Orbital has been involved in many retrofitting projects of small and medium-sized wind turbines, so they are aware of how to avoid possible pitfalls and get the best ROI”.

OrbiSCADA is part of the all-in-one solution from Orbital. The SCADA system was very beneficial during the installation and setup phase. Wes Slaymaker also expects OrbiSCADA to be very helpful in the future:

“It is a very convenient tool to stay up to date on how the turbines perform. It is super-fast and user friendly. We login from any smartphone or computer, and that saves us a lot of time when we don’t need to go to the site to figure out what might be the issue”.