OrbiCap is designed dynamically to control the Power Factor using dual polarity thyristor trigger units.  Individual transient free cut-in and cutout of up to 4 capacitor banks is obtained by a totally contactor less switching control. Discharging of the capacitors is no longer required.

OrbiCap can work automatically in a Profibus environment or manually as a Stand Alone System by using the 4 Digital Control Inputs. Security Klixon Inputs protect the control system against damage on unexpected temperature excess of the thyristors.

OrbiCap provides dynamic control of the reactive power and improves the grid quality by transient free switching of the capacitors.

Profibus DP interface. 4 Digital Control inputs.
DIN-rail snap-on mounting. 4 Digital Security Klixon inputs.
Thyristor control of 4 capacitor banks. Solid state power factor control.