Data collection in the wind industry – TMC3 and OrbiSCADA


The ability to collect and analyze data from wind turbines has changed the wind industry. Today it is easier than ever to investigate problems with a turbine. Often it is also possible to solve them without a service technician on site.

TMC3 and OrbiSCADA data link

Orbital has extensive experience in collecting and analyzing data. The introduction of the TMC3 and OrbiSCADA made it possible to monitor with even greater details as well as change parameters and control turbines from any computer or smartphone. Today the OrbiSCADA solution monitors close to 750 wind turbines all over the world. Customers of OrbiSCADA buy access to monitor their wind turbine 24/7. OrbiSCADA users are very active and recently the total number of user logins peaked with more than 50,000 user logins

OrbiSCADA monitor and control

OrbiSCADA automatic notifies users with alerts and events through the interface, e-mail and SMS. Live as well as historical data for the wind turbine is always available in the OrbiSCADA system. Users can request summaries that cover everything from performance and events to upcoming services and overhauls. Real-time data acquisition is not only beneficial for direct monitoring, accumulating and cross-referring data. It is also a powerful tool for fine-tuning power curves and isolating problems. Service providers can prepare materials for upcoming overhauls and OrbiSCADA even helps with traceability and service documentation through online wizards.

Huge amount of data flows to Orbital every hour

Every hour Orbital receives around 1 million measurement results. More than 20 different parameters are continuously monitored for each turbine. Power, wind speed, RPM, vibration, temperatures, production and events are some of them. Remote monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines is a great example of the use of smart data in the wind sector. 

Request an OrbiSCADA demonstration

OrbiSCADA efficiently reduces downtime and lowers the number of service inspections. It also increases the efficiency/availability as well as the output of the wind turbine. That helps the wind turbine owner increase revenue. The features in OrbiSCADA are constantly reviewed and improved and access to the system is very cost-effective. Get in touch with Orbital to learn more about OrbiSCADA and schedule a demonstration.