Orbital reaches an important milestone


The history of Orbital proves a strong dedication to serve the wind industry as a supplier of control systems to wind turbine manufacturers. In July 2016 Orbital Drives was formed when Orbital acquired DVE Technologies.

The customers of Orbital Drives have gained access to more support staff, shorter lead times and dedicated wind application engineers. The acquisition was part of Orbitals growth strategy toward becoming a one stop shop for wind turbine manufactures.

CEO Niels Hansen explains:

“We had investigated different options to add a high-quality inverter to our product range. It is highly important that we stay innovative to make sure we serve current and future needs of wind turbine manufacturers. DVE Technologies and their high-quality inverter was a perfect fit with what we were looking for”

Wind turbine manufacturers are aiming to work with suppliers who can supply them with a wide range of high-quality products as well as develop control systems to meet future requirements.

Torben Damgaard, CTO of Orbital Drives, reflects on the period since the acquisition:

“We have had strong focus on the Japanese market. Gaining knowledge about the market and achieving approval of our products was the first step. We made it and now we are very close to the point where the first wind turbines get connected to the grid”

Orbitals grid feed inverter is a highly efficient power inverter optimized for permanent magnet and asynchronous wind turbine power production.

The product is currently available in five configurations ranging from 10 to 20 kW. The inverter is a full bridge 4-quadrant power converter based on high frequency PWM switching on both input and output side. It has a built-in power curve controller optimizing the power production from the wind turbine.

Besides a high-quality inverter Orbital Drives now offers a dump load controller, OrbiDLC, designed specifically for wind turbine applications.

It is a highly efficient 3-phase to DC converter bypassing overproduction and peaks from wind turbine generators to an external dump load. OrbiDLC is designed to instantly forward peak power to the dump load thereby ensuring that the wind turbine system complies with power grid standards. The controller works seamlessly with the grid feed inverter but can also be controlled as a stand-alone unit.

To request more information about Orbitals inverter and dump load, please contact Torben Damgaard at td@orbital.dk or (+45) 40 42 48 42.

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