Upgrading old wind turbines through retrofitting


Orbital offers a variety of solutions to upgrade your old wind turbine through a retrofit solution. We have successfully retrofitted turbines from several different manufacturers. A turbine overhaul can be done in different ways. Retrofitting the wind turbine onsite is one option. Orbital offers a complete retrofit kit and an installation guide. Another option is to retrofit the bottom panel and nacelle junction box at Orbitals facilities in Denmark. The third option is that Orbital supplies the complete bottom panel, sensors, multi-wire cabling and nacelle junction box (top box). Which option is the best for you depends on several factors – contact Orbital then we can advise you.

Upgrading old wind turbines

Retrofitting your wind turbine is a great way to bring new life to an old turbine. De-rated performance and downtime are symptoms of a turbine that is a candidate for a retrofit solution. When the energy generation of the turbine is reduced it generates less income for the owner. Increased service costs are another common issue with an old wind turbine. Limited access to spare parts can also greatly increase costs and downtime of the turbine.

Retrofitting strategies

You need to consider a variety of factors to come up with the best retrofitting strategy for your wind turbine. The potential business case, technical complexity, risk as well as legal requirements are all factors to consider. Orbitals offers consulting to help you decide the best retrofit solution for your wind turbine.

Access to live monitoring and control

Upgrading your old turbine with a retrofit solution from Orbital makes it possible to connect the wind turbine to OrbiSCADA. A SCADA system developed by Orbital. With a license, you can access the turbine remotely from any internet connected computer or smartphone. The OrbiSCADA system continuously collects data from the turbine so you can access live as well as historical data.