Wind Turbine SCADA

With Orbital’s SCADA solution OrbiSCADA, users will be able to access their wind turbine from anywhere, by the means of any Smartphone or web browser.

OrbiSCADA empowers the user to remotely monitor, control and reconfigure any of their wind turbines over a secure encrypted connection. 

The system gathers various performance data every minute, and stores them in a user accessable database, the user then has the ability to browse back an entire year.

When logged in to OrbiSCADA, the system starts to show live data, updated every second. When working in this mode, the user will get instant response to any actions done on the system, like stopping or starting the wind turbine.

Furthermore OrbiSCADA will immediately notify the service technicians on any faults or dangerous weather conditions detected by the wind turbine control system, which effectively eliminates the down time.