OrbiVib2 is designed for vibration measurements in the frequency range 0.1–100 Hz. Up to 8 independent configurable frequency bands can be used to monitor and supervise accelerations in the frequency range of interest. The band-pass filter parameters, the vibration excess values and the reaction times can be configured individually for each frequency band.

The OrbiVib2 module provides 2 digital RPM inputs, which also can be used as an encoder input. Two relay outputs are individually programmable for activation of RPM or/and vibration excess. An integrated 100 samples deep data/trace logger will capture all relevant information in case of an excess and will save it together with a time stamp in a non-volatile memory. Via the USB port these data can be exported and FFT evaluated by using third party programs like Matlab® or Octave®. Either the Profibus DP or the USB interface can be used for configuration, monitoring and controlling of the OrbiVib2 system.

In addition a stand-alone operation after configuration is possible. A GSD[E] file provides the master with all needed information about the module and the data protocol.