About Orbital

Company history

Since 1978 Orbital has been developing and producing control systems. Orbital delivers control systems worldwide and the export ratio is increasing every year. Today a total of more than 8,500 Orbital control systems are operating all over the world.

Core competencies

The strenght of Orbital is to create high quality and reliable control systems. The fact that the control systems are very cost effective is another advantage. Orbital technology is useful in the wind sector and for various industrial applications. We offer our customers a wide range of custom-made products.

Research & development

Ongoing research and development are cornerstones of Orbital. That way we makeĀ our control systems an even better investment. Our know-how is extensive within process control, design of electronic control modules and monitoring systems.


We find it very important to invest in the latest technologies. That helps us meet the increasing demand of reliability and performance. It is also a way to investigate different applications for our control systems.

Company culture

Orbital is a knowledge based company. By using todays know-how we create tomorrows solutions. Each of our employees contribute with qualifications and experience from specific areas. Team spirit and knowledge sharing is part of our company DNA. We prefer to build long term relationships with our customers.

Renewable energy

The future offers a tremendous market potential for Orbital products. Renewable energy provides an important and necessary contribution to the environment.