A proven control system for small wind turbines

TUGE is a manufacturer of small wind turbines. Headquarters is in Estonia near Tallinn and the employees are highly specialized in electrical engineering. Currently, TUGE has 2, 10 and 50 kW wind turbines. The installation of the first TUGE wind turbine became a reality in 2012 and today their wind turbines operate in Estonia as well as all over Europe.

The benefits of outsourcing manufacturing of the control system

Until 2016 TUGE manufactured their own control systems and DVE Technologies was their supplier of power electronics. TUGE decided they did no longer want to manufacture their own control systems and the search for a new supplier began. Orbital bought DVE Technologies in 2016 which initiated first contact between TUGE and Orbital. Ultimately TUGE chose Orbital between 3 possible control system suppliers.

Complete control systems for small wind turbines

The ability to deliver a complete control system was the main reason why TUGE chose to work with Orbital. The complete control system consists of control cabinet, inverter, sensors, topbox and SCADA. Strong technical knowledge, production facilities and capacity were also important criteria in the supplier selection process.

Control systems with a proven track record in the wind industry

Orbital has more than 8,500 control systems all over the world. Developing, manufacturing and supporting these systems proves that Orbital is highly experienced in the wind industry.

Development manager Sergei Melentjev explains what Orbitals track record means to TUGE:

“Our control system supplier must be reliable and easy to work with. It is important there is strong technical expertise as well as good personal chemistry. That is the case with Orbital. They supply us with complete control systems and that create value for our business. Our customers embrace the fact that the control systems have a strong track record, are reliable and high quality”

Experience from many years in the wind industry

From working with Orbital TUGE gains access to Orbitals experience from other worldwide markets. Orbital has extensive knowledge and contacts that can be activated and made accessible to next-generation wind turbine manufacturers like TUGE.

OrbiSCADA – SCADA for wind turbines

TUGE use their OrbiSCADA license to stay updated on the current state of their wind turbines. The system updates with live data every second and logs turbine data every minute. OrbiSCADA integrates with all components in the control system, which makes it possible to always see the exact status of turbine operation. TUGE use OrbiSCADA daily from their smartphones and desktops. TUGEs customers also enjoy access to the visual interface to stay updated.

The future of the corporation

Ongoing communication is the basis of the relationship between TUGE and Orbital. TUGE has an international mindset and the ambition is to grow their business further. The ambition of Orbital is to support the growth of our customers by supplying them with reliable and cost-efficient control systems.

Interview made in August 2018 with Sergei Melentjev, Development manager, TUGE