Dan Groza – entrepreneur in the wind industry

Dan Groza runs a successful wind turbine business in the southern part of Italy. His company retrofits wind turbines and provides service inspections. Since the beginning of 2015, Dan and his employees have installed more than 140 wind turbines. Most of the turbines are installed with Orbital control systems.

A reliable partner in the wind industry

Dan had seen an Orbital controller in a retrofitted Bonus wind turbine in Romania. He liked the simplicity of the Orbital control system, so he decided to contact Orbital. The search for a control system supplier was a process where Dan had two important criteria: 1) reliable control systems 2) a supplier that is easy to work with. Dan explains:

“With Orbital I have found a strategic supplier where I can develop a strong long-term partnership. My goal is to build a reliable business in the Italian wind industry and the foundation is partnerships with suppliers and customers. That way I can provide optimal solutions to improve the performance of my customers wind turbines. I experience that Orbital is very willing to support the future growth of my business and we have a great chemistry.”

Dan Groza retrofits wind turbines from different manufacturers

Retrofitting wind turbines is one of Orbitals expertise areas. The solutions are for small and medium-sized wind turbines and they can also be designed to work with pitch control. The range of wind turbine components Orbital offers for retrofit solutions is constantly evolving. For Dan, it is important to work with a supplier with a strong R&D department to make sure that they can design custom solutions to meet the requirements from wind turbine owners.

All-in-one control systems for wind turbines

The simplicity of all-in-one control systems makes it easy to build the cabinet and perform the installations. It is an all-in-one solution so there are fewer wires when everything is inside the TMC3. For the installation process that is a huge advantage. Orbitals support is also available and ready to assist with remote assistance and getting the turbines connected to OrbiSCADA. The Orbital brand is well-known in the wind-industry and industry professionals prefer systems from a manufacturer with a proven track record.

Orbital is always ready to find solutions

Dan explains: “It’s important to me that I do business with a company where the employees have a professional and friendly attitude. My business was founded 3 years ago, and I need a reliable partner to supply the control systems to us. I only want my company to be associated with a serious company – and I see Orbital as one of them. The employees have the right mindset to provide great customer service”

OrbiSCADA is a great tool to monitor wind turbines

Acquiring new customers takes a strong offering to the market and something that makes you stand out from the competition. OrbiSCADA is a great selling tool since it gives the customers the feeling they are in control by monitoring their wind turbine from their smartphone. Dan and his technicians also use OrbiSCADA to monitor and control the wind turbines. If there is a failure they are often able to restart the turbine remotely and that way reduce costs.

Interview made with Dan Groza, August 2018