Japan is the latest country with OrbiSCADA connected turbines


OrbiSCADA connected turbines are located all over the world. Japan is the latest addition to the list. So far, the number of OrbiSCADA connected turbines in Japan exceeds 40 and it is steadily growing. Besides the SCADA system, Orbital supplies advanced controller systems and inverters.

Turbines manufactured by Solid Wind Power

The turbines are manufactured and sold by Solid Wind Power to end-users in Japan through a network of Japanese distributors. The first turbines were installed in February 2018. Part of the installation process is to establish a connection to OrbiSCADA. When that has been done, data from the turbines are logged every minute and available through the SCADA system. Service providers can access data from each turbine as well as get an overview of the turbines they are responsible for.

Japanese version of OrbiSCADA

The turbines are connected to a Japanese version of OrbiSCADA. The Japanese version gives users the opportunity to navigate the system in their native language. To make sure they get the fastest possible experience, we have installed new facilities located in Japan. OrbiSCADA users are very active and most of them login several times per day, so it’s important that fast and reliable access is available.