OrbiGrd Standard DP slave module is designed for monitoring and controlling a three-phased grid connected to symmetrical loads. It is typically applicable in a wind turbine. Voltage and current references from all 3 phases enable the module to compute the actual grid and load conditions. Synchronous measurement of the three-phased 12 bit dual polarity voltage and current input at a 4k/sec sampling rate provides an extremely accurate true RMS measurement.

Two 12 bit programmable analogue outputs are configurable for  0[4]-20mA and 0[2]-10V.

The Profibus DP slave interface is used for process monitoring, control, configuration and diagnostics. A GSD[E] file provides the Master with all needed information about the module and the data protocol.

Profibus DP interface. 2 Relay outputs.
DIN-rail snap-on mounting. 2 Analogue outputs.
Programmable configuration. 3 Phase Voltage inputs.
2 Digital inputs. 3 Phase Current inputs.