OrbiMix DP slave module is designed for monitoring temperatures and high-speed counter / timer signals. 8 Pt100 3-wire inputs and 6 counter / timer inputs are available. Two digital inputs and two relay outputs are to dispose for free customer use.

As industrial version, the 6 high-speed inputs are independently programmable as counter-, timer-, encoder or digital inputs. Values can be represented as [RPM], [Hz], [m/s], or as ON/OFF signals.

The Profibus DP slave interface is used for process monitoring and control, configuration and diagnostics. A GSD[E] file provides the master with all needed information about the module and the data protocol.

Profibus DP interface. 2 Relay outputs.
DIN-rail snap-on mounting. 8 PT100 inputs.
Programmable configuration. 6 Counter/Timer inputs.
2 Digital inputs.