OrbiThy DP slave module is designed as a three-phased dual polarity thyristor trigger unit for soft-start of motors and soft-connection of generators.

3 thyristor Trigger Outputs with dual polarity and a Neutral Sense Input enable applications using sophisticated motor / generator algorithms. Two digital inputs and two relay outputs are for free customer use.

The trigger outputs provide the thyristor gates with a power burst. The same terminals also detect zero crossing and polarity information. In most applications the neutral sense input provides a stable reference point.

The Profibus DP slave interface is used for process monitoring and control, configuration and diagnostics. A GSD[E] file provides the master with all needed information about the module and the data protocol.

Profibus DP interface. 2 Digital Control inputs.
DIN-rail snap-on mounting. 2Relay outputs
Programmable configuration. 3 Phase thyristor trigger outputs.