Advanced wind turbine control systems

Advanced wind turbine control systems

Wind turbines need a reliable control system to ensure safety and stability. The system should also improve the performance of the wind turbine. The controller system needs to be cost-effective and based on advanced technology. The advanced technology adds value to the wind turbine and at the same time keeping the systems cost efficient is a high priority. A powerful and user-friendly SCADA system is another important factor where it is possible to add value to the turbine. The ability to track and control the turbine from any smartphone or computer benefits both manufacturer, service provider, and owner.

Wind turbine components for small and medium-sized turbines

Orbitals has extensive experience being a subcontractor of control systems for wind power. The customers are wind turbine manufacturers and service providers. Control systems for retrofitting turbines from a wide range of manufacturers is another a business area. We supply a wide range of components to wind turbine manufacturers. We manufacture the control systems, inverters and dump-loads at our facilities in Denmark. That ensures quality and short lead times because we are in control of the whole process.

Specialized R&D department

Our R&D team consists of project engineers with many years of experience in the wind business. With different expertise areas, they cover a wide range of development projects within software, electronics and electrical equipment. The focus is a flexible and reliable cooperation with customers – no matter if it is a small or large-scale engineering project. Project management, milestones, FAT test and prototypes are all among our skills so we can handle your projects through all phases.

OrbiSCADA gives you several opportunities

You always want to collect data about the performance of your turbines. The data can create value in several different ways. The first step is to collect the data but to add value you need to get the data organized and presented in a way that makes sense. OrbiSCADA takes care of that and gives you a solid overview of all the turbines. Service providers use OrbiSCADA to plan and document their inspections. No more paperwork, instead everything is in the cloud. That way it is searchable and easy for service technicians to get the history of the selected wind turbine so they save time.