Wind turbine inverter

The Orbital grid feed inverter (GFI) is a highly efficient power inverter designed for efficient control of permanent magnet (PM) and induction generators. Its full bridge 4-quadrant transformer-less power converter allows for both power generation and motor operation including for ramp start/stop.

High frequency switching ensures no audible noise and eliminates vibrations in the generator, providing optimal efficiency of the generator by greatly reducing unwanted harmonic loads compared to passive rectifier inverter models. Combined with electrical filters that eliminates the need for shielded power cables, the overall cost for cables and generator are lowered.

Complies with highest standards

Orbital GFI complies with highest standards for power quality, safety and power control. The build-in highspeed controllers includes advanced features including power curve control and anti-island protections, well suited for both grid and off-grid wind turbine power production.

Manufactured in several configurations from one, split and three phase grid connections and from 10 to 25 kVA.

Key Features

  • Single, split or three phase versions and up to 25 kVA.
  • Efficiency optimal induction and permanent magnet generator control
  • Full 4-quadrant active converter.
  • High frequency PWM with no audible generator noise
  • Superior efficiency of 95%
  • Fast CAN Bus control and monitoring
  • Power quality and EMC compliance in accordance with European standards
  • Passive and active anti-islanding detection.
  • Power measurement and overload detection.
  • Built-in power curve and advanced control incl. ramp start/stop.
  • Low standby power consumption.
  • High quality components and long-life by design
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Denmark

GFI downloads

Orbital GFI Inverter Data sheet.EN_ver1.2