Power Process Engineering

We build electronic and software systems for renewable green energy projects.
With a different range of products for the renewable energy sector, we strive to be the best within our field.

Wind turbine control systems

Orbital develops and produces wind turbine control systems of high performance and stability. Our product assortment offers cost efficient control systems and accessories but at low cost, for a wide range of different wind turbines.


Orbital technology is used for various industrial applications. We offer our customers a wide range of “tailor suited” products mainly for producing and controlling green energy.

Wind turbine

automation electronic

Latest news

Årets fremstillingsgazelle 2018 i Region Midtjylland

Orbital blev kåret som Børsen gazelle og årets fremstillingsgazelle 2018 i Region Midtjylland den 7-11-2018. Tak til medarbejdere, kunder og leverandører.

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More than 1,000 TMC3 installations worldwide

Recently Orbital celebrated the production of TMC3 unit number 1,000. More than 1.000 TMC3 installations worldwide proves that the controller adds significant value to low and medium sized wind turbines.

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Data collection in the wind industry - TMC3 and OrbiSCADA

Orbital has extensive experience in collecting and analyzing data. The introduction of the TMC3 and OrbiSCADA made it possible to monitor with much greater details as well as change parameters and control turbines remotely.

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